Some do not trust women to travel alone, they think it is not safe for them. However, it is possible for them to enjoy their travels and stay safe. When you travel, you should prioritize your safety.

  1. Always trust your intuitions. In this world, we do not have to be kind and thoughtful. There are moments that we should stop thinking of what the opinion of other people will be. We should trust our instincts when we feel uncomfortable with the situation.
  2. Do not quickly trust the people. It might be tempting to join or find a group you can go with, but there are some who will trick you and rob you off. When you meet someone, do not quickly trust him or her. Again, it will not be rude to not trust easily.
  3. Do a further research on the place you are going to visit. You will have an information and idea on how to manage your stay, you will discover and plan the itinerary of your trip. Make sure to do a research about the city our country that you are going to visit. It is best to be aware than caught off guard.
  4. Be cautious and do not make yourself the center of attention. When you travel, there are scammers and pickpockets swarming around the places. Do not flaunt your things, do not wear expensive jewelry when traveling. When you travel, you are in awe of the scenery making you less aware of what is happening around you.
  5. Attend to your belongings. When these items are lost, you will not have a chance to redeem it. Do not place all of the items in the general backpack. Have another bag to fill your valuables. Do not let these things be out of your sight.
  6. Do not bring everything. Leave your passport, credit cards, and cash when you decide to have a walk. Do not tolerate pickpockets, they are the most opportunistic criminals.
  7. Do not excessively drink. When you drink, you become vulnerable because your senses and reaction time is decreased. Although this does not mean not to drink, it is best to drink moderately. Eat before or during drinking, and drink a glass of water in between drinks.
  8. Blend with the locals. The criminals will find a hard time if you behave and look like the locals.
  9. Get a travel insurance. Travel insurances provide the security you need and will reimburse the daily expenses.
  10. Plan ahead of time and check in regularly. When you decide to travel, your loved ones who are left in the Philippines should have the general schedule of your itinerary. Keep a consistent schedule and share with them your whereabouts. This is to easily locate you if you are lost or caught in trouble during your travel.

Women should not be afraid to venture out alone. It is best to have the confidence to maintain the safety reputation of the hospital.