LED Ring Lights are the new awesome tool you absolutely NEED!

Lighting is your best friend. No joke! Good lighting is the most crucial aspect of an astonishing selfie. The right lighting can show off your eyes and beautiful skin tone while making you look bright and youthful. Natural lighting is the common use of lighting for selfies and is, in my opinion, the best. If you plan to use natural lighting it is best to use a window in which enough sunshine is coming through. Too much sun can make your selfie look too bright in too little Sun can cause your selfie to look too dull and hard to see. If it’s a rainy day, you might want to choose an LED ring light. The weather may not always work in your favor, on those days it may be wise to use a well-reviewed LED selfie ring light. An LED (light-emitting diode) ring lights can turn energy into light causing bright white light which is fantastic for capturing the perfect selfie. If you’re taking an outdoor selfie you might want to try putting your head in front of the sun to get rid of any glare. Glare does not look good in any selfie.


Know Your Angles

Pick out your best features rather it be your eyes pair lips or eyebrows. Once you’ve picked out your best features tilt the camera to make your features more flattering. Some angles can be unflattering or make you look unnatural. Pick an angle that accentuates your best features. Pick your phone up and tilted down to make your face look slimmer. Don’t let your phone too high. If you are taking a full-body selfie hold your knee up, bringing the heel of your foot off of the ground. Another way to make a full-body selfie she has to cross your legs while standing or sitting. Take a bunch of photos and tell you to get the best selfie. This makes perfect.

Some youtube videos give your some great pointers, too, for example:

Play With Filters

Filters can completely alter your selfies and make them look ten times better. Incorporate your filters with your makeup and background. If you’re wearing natural makeup, then you may want to go with a natural filter. If you are wearing bright-colored makeup go with a filter that brings out all the colors in your makeup. If you wanting to show off your clothing for example, if you are wearing a romantic style then choose a romantic filter. You can also choose filters that have emojis or animal ears which can make your selfies look really cute. Some filters allow you to make your teeth whiter or eyes brighter.