Niagara Falls State Park, it is where the water from the five great lakes of USA and Canada comes together, creating this very wonderful view. There is an observatory tower which you can see three different waterfalls, you can also encounter the peregrine falcon and bald eagle on your way to the tower.

Mammoth Cave national park, it is the world’s longest cave that is found in south-central Kentucky.

Zion National Park, it is known for its massive sandstone cliffs and can be found on Utah.

Acadia National Park, it is known for its crowning Cadillac Mountain, pine forest, and tiny coastal island and all of these can be found on the New England coast.

Great Florida Reef, if you love snorkeling this is the place you want to be in. Waiting for you is a great undersea adventure with more than 1500 species are waiting.

Denali National Park, it is one of the most isolated areas in the world and surrounding it is an endless adventure.